Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sumathy and Mahadevi

Both employed for the last few years by SPEED Trust, Sumathy and Mahalakshmi underwent simultaneously the autorickshaw driving training set up in 2005 by the NGO.

Sumathy was regularly victim of domestic violence, beaten by her alcoholic husband (though she was pregnant) until she run away with her three kids in 2007. Unfortunately, her husband tracked her down and kidnapped Sumathy's elder son. With the help of local police, SPEED Trust got back the boy and the family remained under the custody of the organization. Since 2009, Sumathy is SPEED Trust's creche cook and beneficiary of the organization's family follow-up program. She just got her driving license, ready to fly with her own wings and taking care of her four children, all school students, the 2 youngest in English Medium.

Similarly, Mahalakshmi, 26, and mother of 3, joined SPEED Trust family follow-up program in 2012, hoping to escape from domestic violence. Employed as caretaker in SPEED Trust creche, she is now also an autorickshaw driver, expecting enough return thanks to this activity  to live independently and to look after her ward with pride.

You can support Sumathy and Mahalakshmi by financing their working tool (contact speedtrustindia.secretary @ and availing their service to visit Chennai: humantripindia.bookings @ or 9176197905.

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