Monday, 10 March 2014

Friday, 21 February 2014

Francis Wacziarg

L'inde vient de perdre l'un de ses génies, toutes nos condoléances à sa fille Aude Priya Engel et son fils Romain.

India just lost one of her genius, our sincere condolences to his daughter Aude Priya Engel and his son Romain.

Human Trip India Team

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Your comments are important to us!

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

at 15/12/2013 my colleague and i had a great ricksha tour with Ms. Mala. Ms. Mala did an excellent job. It was a great impression to see Chennai from this point of view. Thanks a lot for this. Greating to Ms. Mala.

Stefan Marke (Germany), 02/01/2014


Today, we had the pleasure to make a citi tour together with Mala who picked up at Trident Hotel and showed us interesting parts of the city and temples. I want to thank for the nice tour and wish your company success and the best for Mala. Greetings,

Andreas Stock (Germany), 15/12/2013


I send you some pictures. It was a real pleasant tour with kind people ! Thank you so much. Regards,
M. Gonthier (France), 08/02/2011

Ce fut une tres belle journee. Adhilakshmi conduit tres prudemment, est souriante, a le sens de l'humour, le courant est tres bien passé, nous ne pouvons que nous féliciter d'avoir tenté l'expérience.

Bien a vous et bonne continuation

Catherine Henck (France) - 22/01/2014

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

In the heart of Tamil Nadu / Au coeur du Tamil Nadu

Join us to discover the splendorous and generous Chettiar country / Venez avec nous découvrir le splendide et généreux pays Chettiar.

Photos by Nicole from France